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31 Oct 2016

The Path

  This past summer I was in Calgary, Canada to visit family and of course climb in the impressive Bow Valley corridor. I am so grateful for the time I get to spend bonding with family and catching up with friends not often seen. Canada was packed. This is a segment that has been on my mind...The Path...   At the end of June my friend and climbing legend Tim Emmett called me up from

24 May 2016

Don’t go chasing waterfalls

A new route on Wadi Darbat waterfall in the very south of Oman, of Arabia. 1,010km from my home in Muscat.   A meeting request in Salalah led to one of my favourite road trips ever. Climbing project meets a fiendish desire to surf and scout new and untapped climbing opportunities. A recipe for success.   Breathe. Relax. Breathe...I am half way up a 120m tall dried-up waterfall and in the midst of a powerful self realisation.

25 Feb 2016

Valley of Giants goes live!

I am very excited to present my film Valley of Giants publicly for the first time since its release in November 2015 to select film and climbing festivals across the world. Since then it has been screened in eight countries on three continents in what I can only describe as a serendipitous accident, having been contacted by some festivals before editing was even finished! No pressure, gulp.   This is my first attempt at producing,

2 Feb 2016

Crooked in the Front – Singing and Climbing Through Oman

  In January I invited Arnaud Petit and Alex Ruscior to come visit me in Oman with the main objective to establish some new routes, big and small. We each met separately on the Petzl Roctrip in 2014 and caught up in Ceuse last summer where we solidified plans for something, anything in the future. Voulez vous grimper en Oman, mes amis?     Read on...   Our first stop was Umq Bir, the magnificent

12 Jul 2015

First Ascents and First Descents

This year has been racing along.   In January Philippe Ribière, Dan Bates, Miguel Willis and I spent weeks in a remote wadi canyon high in the eastern Hajar mountains of Oman developing some world class boulders. It was a tremendous experience to embed ourselves in such a wild landscape. To have Dan and Phil, two guys who have travelled far and wide climbing, consider the canyon a world treasure is testament to the place.

28 Apr 2015

What’s in my crag pack?

People often ask me for gear recommendations and what gear I use regularly when I go out climbing. Here, I have put together a packing list of what I carry in my crag pack. What's in the bag? 1. Petzl Meteor helmet Most of the climbing I am doing is brand new, being developing by me and my friends in Oman. Wether on a ground up trad climbing mission or just a day out cragging, I always have

25 Jan 2015

2015 Momentum

So long, 2014!   After climbing out of the dark literally and mentally last year, it was nice to feel traction coming out of a tough year.   Last year it was committing to really lean into what inspires and feeds my spirit  - travel, climbing, life coaching, sharing - and at the same time step free of the crutches of safety, the easy route. Reflecting back on the year I feel rewarded and encouraged to have experienced

25 Sep 2014

On the Road in Eastern Europe

I'm on the road in Eastern Europe with the Petzl Roctrip climbing from Romania to Turkey!   Follow my latest updates and the full story here:, a place where Tara and I are collaborating to share adventure, the people and the stories that inspire us. It's a work in progress so keep checking back regularly!   Allez!

25 Sep 2014

Gutentag – Out of the Dark in St Anton

  This past year, when Jakob and I decided to climb out of Oman's amazing 7th hole cave, we had no bigger plans than to share a grand adventure between friends. During the process the climb came to have a much bigger significance in both our lives, reinforcing why we climb and helping us literally climb out of the dark of difficult personal moments.   With the support of our sponsors Traks Pro, Petzl, Adidas

25 Sep 2014

Ojas – A visit to Canada

This summer I spent some very good time in Canada trying to keep up to my uber-active sister and brother in law, hanging out with my courageous and wonderful mom who has completely changed her life by moving to Calgary, reconnecting with my dad's side of the family whom I rarely see and also climbing and exploring in the rockies.   I climbed many routes this summer, succeeding on some and not on others, but

21 Jun 2014

Exploring Dhofar

I recently returned home from a week long road trip to explore climbing and surfing opportunities in the very southernmost coast of Oman, where Africa meets Arabia.   The last time I was here in these mountains it was 2010. We had passed a military checkpoint on the southbound road, about 150km from Yemen and pulled into the village of Shaat. A brown sign, denoting tourist attractions, beckoned us to the Shaat sinkhole and view

31 May 2014

6 life lessons from climbing

We all have something, some passion, that makes us who we are. It's the thing that gets us excited for life and gets us up at ridiculous hours when maybe we ought to be sleeping. Climbing has been my lens through which I experience life and it's been a teacher of many lessons that I find pop up in daily life, at the office, in interactions, in setting off on new endeavours. They give me

24 Mar 2014

Out of the Dark

  In December 2013 my close friend and climbing partner of many years, Jakob Oberhauser, fulfilled one of our dreams of climbing out of the main chamber in one of the stunning caves on Oman's rugged Selma Plateau - the first ever to do so.   Climbing ground up, using no fixed gear we climbed from the base of the main chamber of the 120m deep 7th Hole Cave into the light of the plateau.

18 Feb 2014

Invest in YOU. Hire a life coach

Invest in yourself. Straightforward stuff from the master, and I’m sure he is not referring to that new dress at the mall, or that car, or latest electronic gizmo. When was the last time you really invested in YOU, in something that will grow YOU, amplify your life?   How many times have you said or heard, “I really want to do that (insert awesome amazing something here), but I just don’t have the time/money/permission.”

13 Feb 2014


  Have you ever been immersed in something so deeply; a project, task, personal or professional goal, or just in your daily life, that you just feel stuck and forget to notice the wider picture? Risks are suddenly all too apparent, consequences amplified.   I have. It is a feeling that I think most people can relate to in their personal and professional life.   I had a climbing project once; a towering boulder, an

3 Feb 2014

What is a Life Coach and How Will it Benefit You?

Hire a life coach and harness your inner leader today... Maybe you have a huge life dream, career or personal goal, need to channel your confident leader or simply want more of something or less of something you are fed up with. Perhaps you are seeking to reconnect with your inner spark. Did you ever notice that once you have shared your dream, goal, desire for change or whatever it is, that it becomes - gulp

20 Jan 2014

Petzl Rope Review – Salsa 8.2mm Half Ropes

On the summit of Hamra Tower, Oman - I was lucky to receive a 50m pair of Petzl’s new double ropes recently, the Salsa 8.2mm, rated as both half and twin ropes.   One of my favourite things about opening a Petzl rope is that they are packed with a ClimbReady coil– ready for use right out of the bag. I even forgot to cut the zapstraps keeping the coil until we arrived at the