Crooked in the Front

In January 2016 Arnaud Petit and Alex Ruscior came to visit me Oman. Our main objective: equip and climb new routes in new places and, of course, climb Arabia’s highest big wall, Jebel Misht. Secretly, I also had the hidden agenda to get the boys to try all of my hard routes here because those climbs never see repeats! In 20 days we spent about 4 nights at home, the rest spent under the stars, climbing and camping our way around Oman. In the end we made a superb team. Hyper-organised, strong, motivated and full of song and dance! Crooked in the Front is a short series from our trip. You can read the whole story on my blog here:

Crooked in the Front – Episode 1: New Routes, New Places from Read Macadam on Vimeo.

Crooked in the Front – Episode 2: Bubble Boy from Read Macadam on Vimeo.