The Path is the hardest naturally protected climb in the Canadian rockies at 5.14a R and the R stands for runout – fall potential on the route is serious.
2016: Tim Emmett has been living in Swift Current, Saskatchewan for the past year as he and his family wait for their house to be built back home in Squamish, BC.
I had to check a map to find Swift Current. I can assure you that there is no rock climbing on the prairies so Tim has set himself some roadtrip projects for the summer.
Flash forward to summer 2016 – Read is visiting family in Calgary, Canada from his base in the Sultanate of Oman and connects with Tim en route home – Read and Tim opened about 70 psicobloc first ascents in Oman back in 2011 – “Hey, mate,” Tim asked, clearly grinning through the phone, “let’s have it on The Path! What do you say?”
And so Read’s dream, one that he never knew he had, became entwined in Tim’s goal.
There was one catch. Read had never taken a trad lead fall before.
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